EMC Vex Robotics Competition

There is a team of young coders between the ages of 12 and 15 who are working on building and programming a robot for the EMC Vex Robotics competition. This competition will be held on January 24th 2014.  The coders who are on the robot team need to be in CIT at 9am and collected at 4pm on Friday 24th January.  Unfortunately this means taking a day off school.

Please NOTE new development session WEDNESDAY 22nd JANUARY  2pm -6pm

This is just for the Robot Team

For this team there will be extra sessions of CoderDojo over the Christmas period to allow them to prepare for the competition. These dates are Friday 20th December, Thursday 2nd January and Friday 3rd January. The sessions will be in the Nimbus seminar room from 10-4 each day( this is the usual robot room).

If the coders can attend, that would be great, if not we appreciate that families have other plans and can be very busy over this period.

To help prepare for the competition each coder can look at the competition rules manual here.

If they have a facebook account (no need to get one specially!) they can like the facebook page here.

They should watch this video as they have helpful tips from last year’s Irish finalists.

EMC have just emailed the latest information on the competition;

Here is the schedule for the competition day, Jan 24th in the Nexus centre, CIT (same place as the practice day):

Inspection 09:15 – 10:00
Practice Games 10:00 – 10:45
Qualification Matches 11:00 – 12:45
Lunch-break 12:45 – 13:15
Alliance Selection 13:15 – 13:45
Elimination Rounds 13:45 – 15:00
Award Presentations 15:15 – 15:45
Home 16:00

The awards on offer this year are (remember that your teams are being judged from the moment you enter the tournament hall, not just when you are talking to the judges ):

  • Excellence Award: Top All Round Team (qualifies for a place at the world championships)
  • Tournament Champions: Each Team on Winning Alliance
  • Design Award: Team with a professional design approach
  • Judges’ Award: Judges’ recognition
  • Sportsmanship Award: Team that is extremely courteous and most enthusiastic
  • Volunteer of the Year Award: Recognized Event Volunteer

This will be our Pit for the day of the competition.




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