Oculus Rift – Glimpse into the Future

For the20150529-162905.jpg last day of CoderDojo, The multimedia department in CIT staff visited CoderDojo with the Oculus Rift headset.  Thanks Frank and Eoin for coming over and spending your Bank Holiday Friday with us.  You will be paid in pizza!  Eoin has completed his final year project for Multimedia using Oculus Rift in conjunction with Blackrock Castle Observatory.  Thanks to young Frankie for giving us a ver

The Oculus Rift is a headset which is most commonly used with gaming plunges you into a visual experience.  The coders thought it was ‘wierd’ ‘cool’ ‘awesome’ and they were queuing to get their go on it. Though some of the adults had mad e to the top of the queue before them!  You can see more information on the Oculus Rift here and 20150529-162916.jpgexpect to see it in Christmas lists later this year.

Remember Folks Enjoy the holidays now until we see you all on September 11th.

Welcome Back Coders

chaffeurWelcome back to all the coders from the Easter Break.  We are delighted to see everyone again and the bright evening is making all the difference for coders walking to CIT.  Next week, we will be here as usual but there will be a problem with the power so we will be finishing up at 5.45 so remember to tell your chaffeurs (parents etc ) that you need to be picked up at 5.45.


In other news we have more requests for new members to join CoderDojo CIT, we are really sorry to say that we have a very long waiting list that we are trying to address.  However there are 200 on the list.  Therefore we are not takiing any more requests.  You can instead try one of the other CoderDojos in the Cork area by checking on the CoderDojo website https://zen.coderdojo.com/