Welcome Back 2017/18 Coders

Big Welcome back to all our young coders and hello to all the new members.
This year we have a wide rage of different  coding languages with the young coders working on scratch to
the older kids coding with HTML & CSS, Python ,javascript,DOS its great.


In other news we have more requests for new members to join CoderDojo CIT, we are really sorry to say that we have a very long waiting list that we are trying to address.

Our new Facebook page will have all the latest news so please don’t forget to like and share https://www.facebook.com/CoderDojoCIT/


October 3rd

The Robot room were working on a claw and an arm for their robot.

In the Scratch room one of our new CIT student volunteers Shaun created a scary green monster.  The young coders created multi coloured monsters and made them even scarier with moving mouths and teeth followed by arms and legs.  Definetely getting ready for Halloween here!  Next week bring your ear plugs as there may be plans for sounds for these monsters!

The Web Coders were looking at ..

The future is here Robot Octopus taking a swim


and does this remind you of any thing?


Darragh showed us the Robo slam video from DIT


The robot room used HTML to add links to their pages

A new batch of lego robots were born to form a whole robot family.  Eoin who is in first year secondary school brought iin his own book and robot and is looking after the building of the other 3 robots with group of young robot builders.20141003-201456-72896598.jpg



James the coolest coder in a hat came to CIT

James Whelton the young cork man who founded the CoderDojo movement came to CIT to visit the CIT coders. I missed the talk but he was hounded by young coders with questions. This week we will have more updates on the talk and the questions that the young coders asked.
The Scratch coders were putting together a map of Ireland game so that you could guess the counties. The ex Robots team got the robot to move forwards and back which was real progress.
The Lego Robot made his entrance…well we got the box and a new team of coders started to assemble him.
Tune in for more next week.

Arduino and Scratch


The coders in the scratch room were busy with spooky games …some looked violent with spooky music.  There was noughts and crosses to do, not as easy as they sound.  Easy to play but hard to code, more next week!


The coders in the HTML/CSS room were busy assembling arduino devices with wires and equipment.  Aisling, a new mentor is a CIT graduate and she is helping the coders assemble these tiny computers.  Pretty Awesome stuff Aisling!

Secondary School Students – Competitions coming up

There will be two very exciting competitions coming up for CoderDojo CIT.

The first one is the Cork Electronics Industry Association Robots Competition.  This is open to Second Year secondary school students only.  There is a maximum of 4 students for each team.  Each student must be from a different school. This is because we are entering as a


club rather than a school.  The team must build and program a robot to make its way around a maze. We entered last year and reached the semi finals.  You can read about that here.  The competition night is on Februrary 6th 2014 in CIT (TBC).

The second competition is the EMC VEX Robotics competition.  Teams of up to 8/9 can enter this competition.  Some people on the team can be coders, some can be designers, some might be doing project management and some might be marketing for designing posters.    The final is on in January 2014 and IF we win, we have the choice of going to world final in America.  But lets focus on now, we need students to volunteer to work hard on this project.  This is our first time entering this competition so there is lots to learn.  You can check out their facebook page for more information.vexemc

Summer Finale at CoderDojo CIT

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CoderDojo CIT finished up for the Summer on Friday 7th June with a treasure hunt around the CIT Nimbus and Rubicon campus. It was of course IT themed though I am not sure how much real ‘treasure’ was to be had in these ‘challenging’ times. All the coders had a ball and the younger coders had a Scratch challenge to get them thinking afterwards. Have a great Summer everyone and we will see you all on Friday 13th September for more coding.

May 24th – Musical Circles!

Scratch Coders created a muscial game this week. Carole led this session creating 3 circles which each had two different costumes.  One costume for the darker colour and the other costume for a paler shade of that same colour.

Each circle was coded so that it made a sound when pressed ( you could pick your own sound…that was fun!) Each circle also changed from a darker to a lighter colour when pressed.

The stage was coded then to allow for a random sequence of sounds and circles changed colour. The game player could then replicate the pattern.  If the game player got it right they could move up a level.  This was a lot of work so well done to those who got it working in the end.


May 10th – Return of the Blog

gies I have been away and missing CoderDojo. However CoderDojo CIT has been busy and lots of activity in the club. Many of our coders are making communion and confirmation this month so best wishes to all of them and hope they have a great day. On the other hand we have mentors who are doing their college exams so fingers crossed for them and hope to see them all again after the exams.

The scratch room was buzzing it kicked off with Eilish showing how she had drawn a mannequin character and then made him dance moving his different body parts. This inspired the other coders who made different dancing animations even some with music. So well done to Shona who demonstrated her acrobat, Barbara who is first class who doesn’t have a dog but demonstrated a very cheeky German Shephard dog dancing, Sarah who had a whole show of dancing including a very funky caterpillar and finally Adam, who had a very complex fighting ninja story.

Scratch 2.0 has been launched and we will be looking into it over the next few weeks to see about using it with the coders. Scratch 2.0 is based in the cloud so it means that you don’t have to download it on to your laptop to use it.

Eoin and Eilish who are both coders for over a year with CoderDojo CIT have been placed in the semifinals of the national Scratch competition. So Well Done and Good Luck to them.

Scratch Animation Room and the PHP Room

This week the scratch room took on animation!  Scratch can be used to create wonderful animations and lots of kids have been inspired by Pearse Cullinane  a few weeks ago.  Linda and Carole created a moving spinning stick man, a flying bat and a Yoda in Scratch. Looking forward to seeing some interesting animations next week from our creative coders!

If you want to do even more interesting sprites for your scatch game, Linda mentioned that you could use another free program called GIMP which you can download to create new images or you can check out PIXLR.

Lorcan went around asking scratch coders if they wanted to submit to the National Scratch competition.  He uploaded coders’ projects onto a USB key and these will be entered in the national competition.  Closing date is March 22nd, if you would like your school to get involved they can enter their own project and get more information by clicking here.

In the HTML room, Malcolm paid a visit to talk to coders about PHP.  PHP allows coders to add functionality to their existing HTML pages.  Coders downloaded WAMP and got to work on a login page.  More on this next week!

egg on usb

Next week we will be taking an Easter break.  So Friday 22nd March will be our last CoderDojo session before Easter.

CIT Innovation Week CoderDojo Competition

Friday was a terribly exciting day for CoderDojo CIT as the judging of the coders work took place. Not everyone wanted to enter and that was grand too and they enjoyed looking at others entries or helping fix last minute crisis in projects or just working on their own next project.
Others queued outside the main meeting room where there were six judges who were loving their job as judges. They loved it I think because they had lots of chocolates on the desks for everyone to share and because they got to play lots of the coders games. The judges shamefully admitted at the end that they were shown up for their lack of knowledge on pop music, soccer and general knowledge!
So many thanks to our judges Lorcan McLoughlin, Michael Loftus, Glynnis Dennehy, Angela Donohue, Marese Bermingham and Margaret Linehan. They were beaming with smiles for all of the competition entrants and all of the entrants were beaming when they came out with their laptop ..and chocolate.

The senior competition was all coders aged 13.

First Place – Aisling O’Donovan

Second Place – Patrick O’Donoghue

Third Place – Speedy Team (Eoin O’Leary, Dean Hodge, David McMahon and Padraig Murphy)

Highly Commended – Matthew and Dylan
The Under 12 competition was for all coders aged 11 or 12.

First Place – Diarmuid Casey

Second Place – Paul Kent

Third Place – Muireann
Highly Commended – Eoin O’Donoghue

The Under 10 Competition
First Place – Eilis O’Donoghue

Second Place – Daniel O’Reilly

Third Place – Frankie Griffin
Highly Commended – Eamon O’Leary

Well Done Everyone

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