Finding Nemo

Vex Robots

The Vex Robot Competition is next Friday and we want to wish our team the Best of Luck!

Today we practiced a presentation to fellow Coders about the vex robots and where to go to like our Facebook page.

Please visit our page below and be sure to like and share and help us in our journey to the competition.


today we made a game called  fish chomp where we got a fish to follow the mouse and eating things .

some of the kids were very creative and made there own games where a cat eats mice or a monkey eats bananas.

We then did a show and tell to the rest of the kids to see  what other games they came up with.

We also worked in groups again this week which seemed to work out well as they were able to help each other out if they were stuck.

Scratch 2.0 was also downloaded the kids are going to try it out next week.


Today we did Java Script where we learned the syntax behind it.

We also made buttons to produce stuff with Java Script.

The kids did another HTML Quiz.

The kids designed the code to turn the light bulbs light on and off using an If Statement.

They also started using the Vi editing tool and one of the kids got Linux Mint installed on his laptop.

We also researched the Google Code-In 2014 Competition for 13-17 years old which starts on the 1st of December 2014.

The mentors here at CoderDojo are here to help for anyone that wants to enter the for competition.

The prizes to be won for this competition start off with a T-shirt , a jumper and the main prize jumps quite significantly with a Trip to America.

George Boole was of a main topic today and the history attached to his name, being it from him being a Professor of maths in UCC to the library in UCC being named after him.

Last but not least we looked up a video on Gecko Hand Gloves where people can climb a plain glass window like Spider-man and not fall down the technology behind this creation was pretty impressive so make sure you check that out.

We also had a little giggle in CoderDojo as a video was left on the computer by whoever used it last so we decided to check it out. with over 4 million views they can’t b all wrong. we will have more updates next week.

Enjoy your Weekend from everyone here at CoderDojo!





4 thoughts on “Finding Nemo

  1. Hi, I have 3 girls aged 9,11 and 14 who would are interested in joining a CoderDoJo. Are there sessions in CIT that they could join? Please advise what day and time if available.
    Martin Walsh

      • Hi Kim

        Thanks for your reply. Yes, I would be obliged if you could add their names. Please forward me the details of what I need to do and I will arrange. Thanks. Martin

      • you can contact Iseult.O’ and let her know the names of your young coders. Equally pop in some time next year (next week is our last Friday before the Christmas break) and get a sample of what the club is like. You can also download Scratch if you want to get them started.

        Kind Regards

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