Ping Pong Madness!!


Today we made a game ping pong using Scratch.Each player has a paddle and a ping pong ball is fired back and forth trying to sneak the ball pass their opponent.The highest score wins.


Vex Robots

Today the Vex robots coders took apart the robot lifting mechanism again and started on designing how to attach it again. They took no break today as they are so busy with the new changes. The next milestone is having our engineering notebook in next Friday then our Competition on the 28th of November. We also welcomed another new member .



Today we had a lot fun with a Quiz on html. They explained to the kids what html css and java script were all about. They also started learning Java script and some got notepad++


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi also made an appearance today were one of our mentors showed us some of the cool things the raspberry pi can actually do




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