October 3rd

The Robot room were working on a claw and an arm for their robot.

In the Scratch room one of our new CIT student volunteers Shaun created a scary green monster.  The young coders created multi coloured monsters and made them even scarier with moving mouths and teeth followed by arms and legs.  Definetely getting ready for Halloween here!  Next week bring your ear plugs as there may be plans for sounds for these monsters!

The Web Coders were looking at ..

The future is here Robot Octopus taking a swim


and does this remind you of any thing?


Darragh showed us the Robo slam video from DIT


The robot room used HTML to add links to their pages

A new batch of lego robots were born to form a whole robot family.  Eoin who is in first year secondary school brought iin his own book and robot and is looking after the building of the other 3 robots with group of young robot builders.20141003-201456-72896598.jpg




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