March 7th – Last day of Preparation for Innovation Week

It was a little bit sad today as Jesus one of our mentors for the Vex Robots competition is leaving CIT to return to Valencia for a new job.  We thank him for all his help and patience and wish him the best in his new role.


Jesus Lopez

Coders were working in the Scratch room on the final details for their projects. If you are in the scratch room you can download the new version of Scratch for your own laptop. It is for free! Get Mom or Dad to help you or you can ask one of the mentors. Just wait until after next week and it will be very busy next Friday with all the judges coming in.  You can download here.

Coders in the other room were preparing their HTML projects (websites).   Some of them were playing ‘awesome’ music which seemingly helped their concentration!

Watch out for next week when we will have the results of the Innovation Week competitions.  You can also attend free events in CIT during the week, you can see more details here.


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