2482D reaches semi finals at EMC Vex Robots Competition

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It was an amazing day in the Nexus building in CIT as mentors, teachers, parents and most importantly teenagers filled the room with energy, noise and robots. Along with the robots came batteries, lots of spare batteries, cables, insulation tape, spare nuts and bolts, alan keys, spanners, and some other mystery parts that arrived in boxes. Then out of buses and cars came the promotional material so posters, stands, sweets, biros, stickers, business cards and more sweets. Each team outdid themselves with handing out freebies to other teams and admiring each others pit (stand!).
Each robot had to pass inspection before the whole competition could begin.
Our robot was feeling a bit nervous and rightly so…the first practice was ..not a success as things did not go to plan and there was some emergency reprogramming and wheel examining afterwards. This led some greater success in the rest of the practice rounds and we were off.
The more serious qualifying rounds led to intense two minute matches where the crowds shouted helpful instructions at the young joystick operators (drivers) like ‘Get the ball!’
We finally got to pop one of the balls in the goal and we were thrilled, not winning, but thrilled.
Elimination rounds came and we finally started winning …and made it to the semi finals where we lost out.
It was tense, it was heart racing, it was energetic and I was never so excited about Robot competitions before.
My hat off the the 8 man team that up 2482D that represented CoderDojo CIT, Ciaran, Dean, David, Cian H, Dylan, Cian M, Diarmuid, and Eoin. You did us pround. Our thanks to the mentor team, Jaysus and Jian from Nimbus and Catherine, David and Sinead from CIT.


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