Last Friday was Free Food Friday!

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Thanks to a series of unfortunate events in CIT, there was an excess of sandwiches, water, crisps and apples for all of the coders on Friday.  Coding it turns out is very hungry work! Our coders are finishing school between 3 and 4 and coming straight to CoderDojo CIT which makes them very hungry by 5pm.  We break every Friday at 5pm and there is a rush to get downstairs for drinks and snacks.  Yes even the adult volunteers rush downstairs some Fridays, to get the Friday fix of coffee.

In other news on Friday, the new robot kit arrived!  This robot is for the Vex Robots competition. He doesn’t have a name yet but I think it is a male robot.  The boxes weren’t opened but the coders were allowed to look at the boxes, very harsh I know.  We went with this quote as our motto for building the robot.

If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I would spend six hours sharpening my axe

Abraham Lincoln

So the special Vex Robot team are spending some time reading the rules of the competition and understand the strategy of how to win before we open the boxes!

Watch this space to see the growth of the robot!


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