Secondary School Students – Competitions coming up

There will be two very exciting competitions coming up for CoderDojo CIT.

The first one is the Cork Electronics Industry Association Robots Competition.  This is open to Second Year secondary school students only.  There is a maximum of 4 students for each team.  Each student must be from a different school. This is because we are entering as a


club rather than a school.  The team must build and program a robot to make its way around a maze. We entered last year and reached the semi finals.  You can read about that here.  The competition night is on Februrary 6th 2014 in CIT (TBC).

The second competition is the EMC VEX Robotics competition.  Teams of up to 8/9 can enter this competition.  Some people on the team can be coders, some can be designers, some might be doing project management and some might be marketing for designing posters.    The final is on in January 2014 and IF we win, we have the choice of going to world final in America.  But lets focus on now, we need students to volunteer to work hard on this project.  This is our first time entering this competition so there is lots to learn.  You can check out their facebook page for more information.vexemc


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