May 17th – Scratch Races and Online Sweets Shops

The scratch room was racing ! Linda created a stage which was the race track and then used one of the inbuilt sprites ‘ A Racing Girl’ to be the racer. She then adjusted the image of the girl to create several costumes which had the girls ponytail and legs at different angles. This created the effect that she was running later on when she started the race. Using some variables one of which was set to random it allowed for the 5 runners to run a race and at random one of them won!
Other coders set the stages as pool and had a subaqua diver as the racers!

Finally the national scratch competition is on next weekend in Dublin, we will be keeping our fingers crossed for Eilish who is a finalist! Go Eilish we are all rooting for you.

The Web room was coding a sweet shop with a database of sweets. The coders have been working on databases for a few week now but if you are interested in learning more about databases now you can check out these videos.

What is a Database

More About Databases


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