May 10th – Return of the Blog

gies I have been away and missing CoderDojo. However CoderDojo CIT has been busy and lots of activity in the club. Many of our coders are making communion and confirmation this month so best wishes to all of them and hope they have a great day. On the other hand we have mentors who are doing their college exams so fingers crossed for them and hope to see them all again after the exams.

The scratch room was buzzing it kicked off with Eilish showing how she had drawn a mannequin character and then made him dance moving his different body parts. This inspired the other coders who made different dancing animations even some with music. So well done to Shona who demonstrated her acrobat, Barbara who is first class who doesn’t have a dog but demonstrated a very cheeky German Shephard dog dancing, Sarah who had a whole show of dancing including a very funky caterpillar and finally Adam, who had a very complex fighting ninja story.

Scratch 2.0 has been launched and we will be looking into it over the next few weeks to see about using it with the coders. Scratch 2.0 is based in the cloud so it means that you don’t have to download it on to your laptop to use it.

Eoin and Eilish who are both coders for over a year with CoderDojo CIT have been placed in the semifinals of the national Scratch competition. So Well Done and Good Luck to them.


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