Scratch Animation Room and the PHP Room

This week the scratch room took on animation!  Scratch can be used to create wonderful animations and lots of kids have been inspired by Pearse Cullinane  a few weeks ago.  Linda and Carole created a moving spinning stick man, a flying bat and a Yoda in Scratch. Looking forward to seeing some interesting animations next week from our creative coders!

If you want to do even more interesting sprites for your scatch game, Linda mentioned that you could use another free program called GIMP which you can download to create new images or you can check out PIXLR.

Lorcan went around asking scratch coders if they wanted to submit to the National Scratch competition.  He uploaded coders’ projects onto a USB key and these will be entered in the national competition.  Closing date is March 22nd, if you would like your school to get involved they can enter their own project and get more information by clicking here.

In the HTML room, Malcolm paid a visit to talk to coders about PHP.  PHP allows coders to add functionality to their existing HTML pages.  Coders downloaded WAMP and got to work on a login page.  More on this next week!

egg on usb

Next week we will be taking an Easter break.  So Friday 22nd March will be our last CoderDojo session before Easter.


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