CIT Innovation Week CoderDojo Competition

Friday was a terribly exciting day for CoderDojo CIT as the judging of the coders work took place. Not everyone wanted to enter and that was grand too and they enjoyed looking at others entries or helping fix last minute crisis in projects or just working on their own next project.
Others queued outside the main meeting room where there were six judges who were loving their job as judges. They loved it I think because they had lots of chocolates on the desks for everyone to share and because they got to play lots of the coders games. The judges shamefully admitted at the end that they were shown up for their lack of knowledge on pop music, soccer and general knowledge!
So many thanks to our judges Lorcan McLoughlin, Michael Loftus, Glynnis Dennehy, Angela Donohue, Marese Bermingham and Margaret Linehan. They were beaming with smiles for all of the competition entrants and all of the entrants were beaming when they came out with their laptop ..and chocolate.

The senior competition was all coders aged 13.

First Place – Aisling O’Donovan

Second Place – Patrick O’Donoghue

Third Place – Speedy Team (Eoin O’Leary, Dean Hodge, David McMahon and Padraig Murphy)

Highly Commended – Matthew and Dylan
The Under 12 competition was for all coders aged 11 or 12.

First Place – Diarmuid Casey

Second Place – Paul Kent

Third Place – Muireann
Highly Commended – Eoin O’Donoghue

The Under 10 Competition
First Place – Eilis O’Donoghue

Second Place – Daniel O’Reilly

Third Place – Frankie Griffin
Highly Commended – Eamon O’Leary

Well Done Everyone

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