January 18th – Scratching

There is a lot to be said this week from CoderDojo CIT. It was such a busy day and there were lots of new people. For the new people if you still have questions you can have a look at our FAQ or if you are thinking of coming along have a read of these. So a big welcome to all the new coders and we hoped you enjoyed your first day. I thought ye were flying on the Scratch for people just starting.

Linda, Carol and Catherine were in the Scratch room where Linda guided the coders through a game where you made one character chase another to score points. Once that was working, she made it more complicated with multiple sprites (I can say sprite now because you all know what a sprite is now!) You can download scratch on your own computer at home from here. If you are interested in seeing other games made in Scratch you can check out Eoin’s Counties game here.

Philip and Sean were with the HTML/CSS room where they were working on projects and they started to do some creative image editing as well with GIMP.

Malcolm, Kate and James (thanks for volunteering, James)  took the Robot competition entrants to another room to work on building the robot, programming the robot, building a beacon and designing a poster. Hard work for Dean, David and Padraig (Hope you are better soon Eoin).

Next week we will be delighted to welcome back the girls, Frances, Alison and Brid from their Young Scientists success and they will talk to you about their app.

There is also be a very special guest who is from Cork, he studied at CIT, he is very famous in Cork ( and other places), you will have seen some of his very creative work already but I won’t tell you anymore about him.

I won’t be there next week so sorry to be missing the girls and other special guest so have a ball!


Carole and Linda in the Scratch Room








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