Christmas Party at CoderDojo CIT

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A great evening was had by all at the CoderDojo CIT Christmas party.  It started with pizzas delivered to the Rubicon building in CIT which were very quickly demolished.  This was followed by rice kripsie buns and marchmallows which went even faster!  ACE the CIT robot arrived to present each coder with a certificate and a USB key.  All the USB keys were white reflecting the first level of coding acheivements.   All the coders headed over to the main CIT building where they programmed robots to move using light sensors.  There was might fun to be had getting the robots to move.  Many Thanks to Eamon Connolly and Joe Connell who ran a great robot session for all the coders.  Thanks to all the mentors who helped out on the day and during the year.  It was lovely to see Malcom and Chan back with us again and we hope to see you during the year again. If you are interested in more information you can view the lego robots here.


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