November 16th – A Snowy Day in Scratch

Another busy day at CoderDojo CIT, with three rooms working on different projects.

The scratch room were exceptionally concentrated as Carole kicked off the session with a demonstration of a scratch game involving snow flakes and Calvin and Hobbes. Scratch is brilliant for all ages ( even for the older mentors!) and it allows all coders to create something like a game really quickly with very little typing. Last week all the coders were doing quizes using Scratch. This week Eoin did a demo of his ‘Counties of Ireland’ visual quiz game and Eamon ( who is 7) demonstrated his soccer quiz game with some very witty answers!

The App Inventor from MIT was being used by the girls from Colaiste Colm and they were testing their app and how it looks on some Dad’s mobile phone (Thanks to the Dad!). If you get that screen shot for me ladies send it on and we can upload it here on the blog.

My reporter in the HTML/CSS room tells me that the coders are moving on with their HTML and CSS skills.




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