September 21 – Scratch or HTML? Your choice.

So the first question on Friday was Scratch or HTML ? Not many people know how to answer that question or even what the question means! 8 people answered HTML and went down to the other room with Sean for some HTML with different direction tags. We had impressive displays of web pages (lots of yellow pages!) from Aisling, Jack and Paul. See some of the photos below.

In the Scratch room, there was lots of progress made on the game. Linda showed everyone how to make a maze. You could also make a new character and if they touched a colour, they would say ‘Oooops’. Then if your character got to the end without touching a colour, you programmed the gmae to say ‘Well Done’. Next week each table is going to come up with an idea for a game and start to develop that for their table, so get thinking..nothing too violent now.

We had some visitors who had a look around and a chat. They were interested in setting up another CoderDojo in Cork as there are so many people interested in becoming coders. So watch out there might be new CoderDojos near us soon!






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