September 14 – Back to Scratch and Back to Fridays

CoderDojo CIT

Scratch Game with Cuddles, Tom and Dumbledore

I have been missing for a few weeks but am back to regular CoderDojo now and updating our blog. We were missing our usual surrounding of the Nimbus Centre and were in a room upstair in the Rubicon centre. There was about 30 Coders there full of enthusiasm and noise! It was the noisiest CoderDojo meeting ever.  We are also back to our usual time slot of Friday 4-6.

So who was new? Well there were 3 girls from Colaiste Colm, a teacher Katie who came to see how it all worked, Sean a new mentor and some other interesting characters. Who were the new characters? Well you created them all using Scratch.  Scratch is a special way to learn programming.  Click here to download it onto you your computer for free!  The new characters were Cuddles the cat, Tom the dog, and Dumbledore the wizard!

Linda showed everyone how to programme the different characters so that Cuddles and Tom ran around the screen. Then Dumbledore moved when the mouse moved. The last piece was to code a scoring system so that everyone Dumbledore caught Tom or Cuddles he scored a point.

Some coders added in some interesting backgrounds and some even had sounds associated with the game, some had very very loud sounds associated with the game!!

Have a look at some of the games coders created and showed on the big screen.






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