Week 16 Tuesdays are the new Fridays

queen chessboard

Queen Chessboard

Welcome to Siobhan, Cian and Josh who started CoderDojo CIT on Tuesday. Welcome back Malcolm from his holidays …looks like he had a great time surfing ..real surfing!
Malcolm created code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make a chessboard. This was for the more experienced coders. The rest of us less experienced did some HTML and got further progress on the kodu world.  If you would like to see the code for the chessboard click here and you can download the code from dropbox and get it working yourself.
Next we will have one table for everyone who wants to work on Kodu and another table for HTML and CSS and another for people who can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
So think about which you like to be on … Don’t forget those chargers next week, remember kodu is very heavy on the battery.
Whoever was creating ice-cream website, can we see it next week? I can take some photos of it to put here on our blog. Also kodu coders, how about pictures from your world? I can do it at your laptop next week.
See you all next Tuesday


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