Week 14 – Bumping Apples, Stars and Kodu

This week was full of bumping, stars, apples on Kodu.  There were some problems getting people setup on Kodu but everyone got setup in the end.  Thanks to the staff at Nimbus, CIT who supplied some last minute laptops for coders.  Kodu has some good lessons before you even start your world and lots of people tried those before getting started.  some preferred to dive right in and there was lots of help at each table if you couldn’t get your parachute, character or object to move.  There was even some occasional ooohh and aargh as apples were eaten in the game!

Some other AAAAAAArghs were because batteries started to run out!  Kodu is very visual and eats a lot more battery than just doing HTML…it makes sense as the computer has a lot more work to do!

At the end, Niamh and Eoin both showed their games for others to see.  Keep coding Folks and we hope to see some more worlds next week!


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