Week 12 – Welcome to all our new people

New People

CoderDojo CIT

We had 11 new people today, so welcome to everyone, Frank, Aaron, Adam, David, Eoin, Liam, Calum, another David, Jamie, Dean and Niamh.

All the new people started with Notepad++ and a new folder on their desktop called CoderDojo.  Malcolm showed everyone about 10 new HTML tags.  Can you remember any of them?  See how many you can list.  Everyone got to put a youtube video in their web page. Remember Share and Embed if you want to try this at home.  Good Shortcuts to remember are Cntrl + c copies and Cntrl + v pastes.  Have a look at these HTML files in our drop box folder

Not New People

CoderDojo CIT

CSS Game from Linda

Other coders went to the board room with Linda doing CSS.  Everyone went into groups.  Each group got an envelope.  In the envelope there were several pieces of paper.  Each piece paper had some CSS code on it.  The group had to figure out the order of the CSS code and then to type it in and link to the HTML file.  It was hard but everyone got there in the end!

And it was hungry work, it seems taytos are the food of choice for programmers!

CoderDojo CIT

Hungry ?


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