Summer Time and the holidays are coming but not for CoderDojo!

Well there will be one weeks holiday which is the first week in July!   All the CoderDojo coders and mentors want to run over the summer so CoderDojo CIT will continue over the summer months.  However, from July 10th, CoderDojo CIT will run on a Tuesday afternoon for the summer months.  So for June it will still be a Friday afternoon and then a break for the first week in July and then Tuesday afternoons

See the detailed schedule below

Coder DoJo Days and Times
Date Day Time
01/06/2012 Friday 4pm – 6pm
08/06/2012 Friday 4pm – 6pm
15/06/2012 Friday 4pm – 6pm
22/06/2012 Friday 4pm – 6pm
29/06/2012 Friday 4pm – 6pm
10/07/2012 Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
17/07/2012 Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
24/07/2012 Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
31/07/2012 Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
07/08/2012 Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
14/08/2012 Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
21/08/2012 Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
28/08/2012 Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
07/09/2012 Friday 4pm – 6pm
14/09/2012 Friday 4pm – 6pm

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