Week 10 Bank Holiday Friday

Prizes CoderDojo CIT

Prizes CoderDojo CIT

Some very dedicated CoderDojo people turned up on Friday for a HTML based treasure hunt, best you have

never been on one of those.  Each team got 5 rounds of clues and a piece of the puzzle at the end of each round.  Finally when the team got all the pieces of the puzzle they built this piece of HTML code. Pretty Cool!

They were prizes of rulers and pens.  There are USB keys also but they are for another day’s competition.

Refreshments CoderDojo CIT

Refreshments CoderDojo CIT

After some refreshments, it was back to work for the coders working with Malcolm on the photo album.   It’s looking very good but don’t worry if you haven’t started yours yet, you can catch up next week.  There might be some new people coming on Friday so a big welcome to all of you.  Look forward to meeting you all on Friday and getting you all set up.  Just bring your laptop fully charged and we will look after everything else when we meet you.


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