Week 9 – and its really hot and sunny

Today, we went out side to learn Binary..01010101010100!

Colin got the adults to stand up holding up 1 or 0 and everyone got to pick what numbers the adults should make, so there was lots of shouting numbers and adults moving their page to show 1 or 0…and everyone learned binary as well. This is important because computers work with binary.

Afterwards back upstairs there was a game involving binary numbers. And there was more CSS showing

float:left; width:25%;

remember Lefty and Righty

Then there was some crisps and drinks and apples in the board room (not bored!) and everyone got to say what they would like to see happening in CoderDojo, some great ideas like competitions, doing some music mixing, making some video and photos and maybe doing some blogging (like a diary where you can share photos and stuff)

Malcom showed everyone how to set up a photo album using HTML, people are getting really good at HTML now !



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